Sunnycrest is a year-round garden center and nursery with the quality plants and garden supplies to make the most of your gardening - indoors and out, spring, summer, winter, and fall.

Our tantalizing array of trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, bulbs and seeds, edibles, and indoor plants creates an ever-changing scene within our store, beautiful and beautifully cared-for by our knowledgeable staff of garden enthusiasts.

Sunnycrest Nursery - Staffs a Certified Professional HorticulturistStarting a garden design project is a big decision, one that benefits from the knowledge and expertise of a professional. We have a Certified Professional Horticulturist on staff ...more

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Sunday: 11 am - 4pm

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Sunnycrest Nursery proudly carries Dr. Earth Organic

Sunnycrest Nursery proudly carries Dr. Earth Organic Products.  Visit their website for a wealth of information then stop by here to pick up what you need.

March 8th at 10 am

Get the "Buzz" on Bees

Join Diane Everson on March 8th at 10 am local expert and beekeeper.

Learn about the Mason Bee and other pollinators, their habitats, their needs, and all of the culture of keeping bees in the garden and orchard.

This class is FREE but space is limited so sign up NOW!

The Friendly Polinator

This is prime time to encourage these superb pollinators (95% more effective than honey bees) to build habitats in the garden.
  • Dormant live bees
  • Housing and complete systems

Welcome to Sunnycrest Nursery & Floral

Visit our store to see the wonderful selection of products from plants to fine arts from our local artisans.

March 22nd 1 pm

How to start a "Bumper" Crop

Join Farmer Dale and learn the basics.

Great gardens start with great soil and the knowledge of how, when, and where to plant your garden

This class is FREE but space is limited so sign up NOW!


GO organic headquarters

We recommend organic fertilizers and alternatives to harmful herbicides and pesticides.  At Sunnycrest, we have both the products and expert knowledge to help.

  • Dr. Earth
  • Safers
  • Concern
  • Bumpercrop
  • go organic

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    Sunnycrest Nursery carries Dr. Earth, Kellog Garden Products, Simple Pleasure bulbs and perennials, Master Nursery organic products, Fox Farm soil and fertilizer
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